Guest Designer at Scrapbook Heaven

3 Dec

I was lucky enough to get guest designer spot for December 2011 and January 2012. Here’s what I’ve done for December’s Elite Kit so far…




3 Dec


So we are settling into our new home.

18 Nov

I’m working on getting all the rooms put together. The Library/Study is finished (mostly) I’m pretty happy with how it looks..


Christmas Schtuff

21 Nov

I made these out of TS’s Nov Kit 1.

My last Reveals for Treasured Scrapbooking

21 Nov

Yep, it’s been a while since I’e posted anything scrappy related, but here goes. I was a little rusty with this last kit from TS, I’m sure gonna miss it!

Others from Kit #1:

Creating a morning routine for Mom

6 Oct

We’ve got a routine now that you can set a clock to… I started easy, with my own routine. Trying to figure out what I NEEDED to get done first thing in the morning, and what I’d like to be done.  I took a sheet of loosleaf paper, folded it in half longways making two colums, one for what I HAD to do each morning, and what I’d like to get done also.  I HAD to make breakfast, fix medication for Dakota, get them ready, etc. I WANTED to be able to get a shower in before they got up, get my bed made, etc. I tinkered around with the timing, and figuring out when the earliest/latest I could wake up. And slowly added in the things I wanted to get done.  I realized.. I can make my bed in 4-5 minutes. It’s not 100% perfect with hospital corners, but it’s nicely made, so that when i walk past my bedroom, it looks put together, and I’m not crawling into a messy bed at night. Test it out for yourself.. You can get it done in like 4 or 5 minutes, i swear!

What I do… I roll out of bed, and start making it when my feet hit the floor. Usually, first thing in the morning when i wake up, I’m about to pee on myself, so that pushes me to get it done quickly. I race to finish it so I can go … I strip, and hop in the shower, dry off and use my towel to wipe down the sink, splashes or whatever. (BTW.. I keep a toothbrush holder and toothbrush in the shower, and brush my teeth while my conditioner moisturizes).  I get dressed (clothes out the night before), put on my shoes before I head downstairs i drop the clothes I slept in and bathtowels at the top of the stairs. I start breakfast, fix cups for the boys (Kota’s with his meds), I drink water, take my meds/vitamins, grab the boys shoes out of their cubbies and head up the stairs to wake them up. I open their bathroom, put their shoes in with their clothes, turn the heat vent on and then We do their beds/clean. When we are done, the bathroom is warm, and they get bathes and hair washed. While I let them adjust to bathwater, I fix their toothbrushes with toothpaste and lay them out, when they get out of the tub, they grab their tooth brushes and brush while I’m drying them off.  I keep plastic bags in their bathroom for their night time pull-ups, i toss them in, tie it up, grab the dirty towel/clothes, we head out. Kota usually does his one last glance at their room to say it’s all clean, and once he does, Bryant closes the door.  On my way down the stairs, I bring the sealed bag with dirty pull-ups, and grab my laundry that I put on the top of the stairs.

I drop the bag in the garbage can, the laundry in the washer, while they get their breakfast. I have ‘their morning schedule’ (which i’ll take about later) hanging low on the fridge, Kota reads it off to Bryant, and says check, and normally when it get’s to “Get backpacks” they both bolt to their cubbies. The last thing they do before we leave is put their cups in the sink, so I know where they are later (i was tired of chasing sippie cups, so now they know if they don’t get dropped in the sink to be washed, they don’t get a sippy later when they get home because mom is no longer going to hunt cups!)

Toys, Toys, Toys and Clean YOUR ROOM!

6 Oct

Ok.. so we’ve spoiled our kids. With the boys, anytime we buy a toy, we buy them in two’s to curb the fights over a toy. Everyone knows getting a kid to clean their room is like trying to give a Jaguar a bubble bath. It’s a battle! Trying to get a toddler to clean their room is enough to send you into a frenzy. I was spending hours a week cleaning the boys’ room. On almost a daily basis. I was sick of picking up 1,392 hotweels, 212 Little People, and everything else. When i would try to get them to help, they just stood there and refused. Part of the reason… when kids’ rooms get to a certain degree of mess, they are much like us, they feel overwhelmed and don’t want to do it at ALL!

Here’s where I started:

I bought more of the bins like in my living room. I love these things, they are a neutral color, a great size, and very durable, even with kids dumping them out and standing on them!  They already had a shelf unit in their room, that things were just stacked on, I cleared everything off, and found that I could fit 12 of these big bins on the shelf unit.  I began sorting toys to figure out what they had, I used this opportunity to toss things that were missing parts, broken, are no longer age appropriate. Once I got an idea of what we had, I labeled all the bins. Kota can read without a problem, so it wasn’t an issue, Bryant can’t read yet, but I temporarily put pictures on each bin to show what was inside. A great way to do this is check your local office supply chain and look for clear Computer disc pockets that are self adhesive (these are usually made to stick inside binders and and folders to hold disks.) They are great for holding labels that you want to be able to change, and for this project they were big enough to put pictures down into.

Now, everything is labeled and in their bins -

  • Small Cars (hotwheels and matchbox types)
  • Big Cars (the larger die cast type)
  • Imagination Play (this has things like binoculars, Dora’s map, pretend camera, Diego backpack, pretend compass, those kinds of things)
  • Food (this is toy food, pots and pans, etc that go with their toy cash register)
  • Books (we have ALOT of child books around here, Like I said, Kota loves to read).
  • Little People and other Figures (this has their millions of little people, action figures and animals)
  • Little People Play (there’s two bins for this, its the bigger pieces of towns and cars and villages for the little people)
  • Balls (yep, they are boys, every kinda ball you can imagine)
  • Tools (they have so many different plastic tools like daddy’s)
  • Games
  • Off the top of my head I can’t remember the other labels at the moment, but it gives you a starting idea.

Bigger toys – I bought the same matching bins, only in a much bigger size, this is for bigger size toys. They are labeled also and lined along one of their walls.

Now that everything is labeled, and there is a spot for EVERYTHING, they don’t get overwhelmed when it’s time to clean up, instead of trying to ‘figure out how to clean it, they already know where things go.


I started in the morning allowing myself enough time to make their beds when I woke them up.  It turns out, it takes about 4 minutes per bed to make in the morning. I started on Monday, and went all the way through the week doing it. While I was making their bed, I would give them each a task, they could do easily. On Saturady, here’s where things started really going into effect. I woke them up, made their beds, but… I closed us into their room and said we could not go downstairs for pancakes and Saturday morning cartoons UNTIL they cleaned their room. NOOOoooooo, evil mom, no saturday cartoons?  So sat there letting them clean what they would until they lost interest, then I had to change things up a bit. I started a game. I looked around the room and was like.. OK, “Find 5 cars”. Each of them hustled around until they had both grabbed up 5 cars. I had them put them in the bin. We did that until the whole room was finished, but sadly it wasn’t early enough to catch cartoons. 

Sunday morning, we did the same thing….I made beds, and they began picking up toys from the night before.  This time they were faster.  So Monday, I got them up, I made beds, they cleaned toys. Now we were getting the idea… We’ve been on almost 2 months of this now. It takes about an extra 10 minutes of morning time. Here’s what I found… Even toddlers can reason.. They realized if they don’t pull as many toys out at night, they don’t have much to pick up in the morning. So they are getting in the habit of putting toys back in their bins as they play. So now we are going to bed with a cleaner room, and waking up with one. I have not cleaned up toys in weeks. I did take the time to sift through the bins a little bit and make sure any toys hadn’t gotten placed in the wrong spots.

Now every morning they are proud when it’s clean, and BOTH of them always take one last glance around the room before leaving out and Kota will say “all clean” and once he says “all clean” Bryant takes that as his cue to close their door.

I’m totally amazed how quickly it became habit for them, and how well they have embraced it. 

It’s cut short my cleaning time tremendously. The only things I am really having to do to their room on a regular basis now is dust, vacuum, and change their bed linens!

Easy peasy now! Who knew it could be that simple, if I had known, I’d have done it ages ago!

About a week’s process, and they’ve developed a good habit, and now they are already taking PRIDE in getting a task done!


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