See Spot, See Spot Run.

Apparently our cooties are super cooties… Bryant is covered with spots, from head-to-toe. I’ve talked to my all knowing mommy friend (AKA Becky–you figure after 6 kids, she’s seen it all. She thinks it may be measles. Could be, Bryant hasn’t had his last MMR yet (I know, I’m running behind on that one).

He’s getting 4 back teeth in right now, I have read online that some babies will get rashes all over when teething, PLUS I just changed detergent. So I’m really unsure since it could be a miriad of things! So tomorrow if it’s not looking better, it’s off to the doc we go. Other than the snotty nose, he seems to be fine. He looks tired, but part of that is Kota has been waking the WHOLE house up at crazy hours since he figured out how to get out of his crib.

Hopefully it’s nothing. I’m trying so so so hard not to be paranoid mommy, as Rob calls me. It’s super hard though. Paranoid Mom just comes natural with being MOM!



The boys had their first experience at DayCare last week, and they loved it, they’ve been stay at home babies since the day they were born, so this was just a one time thing. Unfortunately, not only did they get a fun break, they also got coooooties! They are fine, although I’m not sure how so much ‘snot’ can come out of such cute little button noses. I’m the one that got the raw end of the deal. Thanks to my diabetes, my immune system is always weak, so even the slightest cold kicks my tail.  I’ve been in bed the last few nights way earlier than normal, and I’ve definitely been taking advantage of daily naptime when I can. Hopefully it passes soon.

Win some stuff!

If you haven’t already… Check out this month’s contest at . Each month they have a contest for a shopping spree! This month all you have to do is scrap about someone you love. That should be easy since most of us scrap about people because we love ’em. Better hurry, it ends at the end of the month! So there’s only two scrapping days left!

Playing around with paper piecing

I’m not sure what has inspired me, but I’ve been playing around with paper piecings the last few days. I know, that’s so ole school, but for some reason I still enjoy doing it. Maybe it will come back in style in the scrapbook world! I did an Easter one yesterday, just because.. I still need a little practice at it, but I really enjoyed playing with my papers. 

So hard

The funeral for Neil was yesterday, and though I didn’t know him extremely well, it still was heartbreaking. Why? I realized how much I truly love Becky. I could hear the pain in her tears clear across the chapel, and I weeped for her. It was that same emotion I feel when one of my kids hurt and I can’t fix it. It was the feeling of really loving someone and not ever wanting to see them hurting. I know if anyone can deal with such a loss it’s Becky and her family. I know their faith in God is going to carry them through it.

A Sad Time

This week has been a saddening week. My best friend’s brother was fatally injured in a car wreck, at only 34 years old. I’m so saddened for Becky and her family, what a tremendous loss. 

My mother also told me this week, a long time family friend passed also.

This really has me thinking about how short life is, and how special every moment with our loved ones really is. It also brought me to the realization that what happens of something were to happen to me, how would my children be taken care of? Rob and I neither one have wills made. I’m trying to get him to discuss what we would do in the event something was to happen to either of us, but right now he will not think of such  a subject.  

I wanted to share a layout I FINALLY got the courage to do. I wanted to try making a layout where every element was hand-drawn. I drew each item on white Bazzill, colored them in, then cut them out and added them to the layout. I’m so glad I finally pushed myself to give it a try.