Kota has decided he has a sense of humor. Lately when things are funny, and he notices one of us laughs, he can’t help himself..He has to blurt out..FUNNY Mommy, or FUNNY Daddy!

 How funny is that?


3 Shades of Red

We have kinda a Sunday ritual…We go to eat at Fire Mountain, and then do our grocery shopping. Fire Mountain is a buffet style steak house. They have a glassed in buffet line, where you can see them grilling steaks, and you wait in line to tell them what you want.

Well, I was standing there, waiting my turn, and I step up to the glass, and the grill guy looks up, and reallllllly loudly he blurts out… “WOW, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL”. Then he grabs the grill guy beside him, and is like “Hey man, isn’t she just beautiful”.  So everyone in line turns to glare at me. While I’m standing there, not sure what to say. It wasn’t that he said it I guess that caught me so offguard, he just said it so LOUD! and everyone nearby just stared.

Rob thought it was entirely too funny, and I know it took 15 minutes for the red to leave my face!


I picked up the boys some inexpensive sandals to play outside in, and a pair of them had a sticker on it that said “EXTRA WIDE”. So thinking I was oh so funny, I pulled the sticker off and stuck it on my butt.

I get everyone settled in for dinner, and run off to the sunbed. I totally FORGOT the EXTRA WIDE sticker across my butt. So I do the tanning thing…Then leave and go to the STORE to get milk, still oblivious to the EXTRA WIDE sticker across my butt.

I got home an a little while later Rob comes up to me and pulls the sticker off my butt and starts lauging!                            



Children @ Play

Kota is so fun to watch now. He’s at the very imaginative stage… (For all the hard times with a 3 year old, there’s some really sweet ones too).

I was watching him tonight in amazement at how he plays. He has these little rubbery Dora & Boots characters that he loves, and of course cars (which I think was bred into his genetics). As I watched him, he opened the car door and put Dora in, then he turns and goes “Come on Boots!”, as he walked Boots to the car, opened the door and stuck him in the passenger side (Because obviously, a monkey shouldn’t be driving.). He drove them around the table, then parked them beside another car, and opened each door to let them out. Now he could have just as easily pulled them out since it was a convertible. But in his mind that’s not how you get in and out of a car. I tried snapping a few photos of Dora and Boots sitting in their fly ride, but Kota wanted to help take the pics so there was tons of camera shake. I hope I can grab a few photos while he’s engrossed in play. I LOVE this imaginitve stage! 


I watched the greatest movie EVER EVER over the weekend. “FACING THE GIANTS”.

OK, so it wasn’t big budget. There weren’t any well-known Hollywood faces. And it was based on “football”. So not my kinda show, right? WRONG! It hit on such a completely personal level. I understood and felt ever emotion with the characters. I’m not a tearful movie watcher, I leave that to Rob, he’s usually the emotional movie guy. But by the end, we were both smiling and crying like babies!

I want to buy this movie for every person I know! When you walk away from it you feel like your life is changed..