Monday, May 26, 2007

Check out the Memorial Day Virtual Crop at OPAAT (One page at a Time) .

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It’s 6:44am, and I’m awake. I didn’t just wake up, I’ve been awake all night. Now mind you I went to the doctor yesterday to try to get over this icky mess I’ve come down with, and have been loaded with enough drugs to knock out an elephant. But…no matter what my body says, my brain is still ticking.

A million little things, for instance..WHAT a mess my house is in! Mom takes a sick day, and OMGosh! It is ugly… Why is that bugging me? Who knows… one of those wierd ticks I guess.  Thinking about Rob, thinking about the impact it’s going to make on the kids while he’s gone, thinking about the impact on me.

I tried out for another DT… Crazy I guess… I was kinda hoping I’d get it, I guess maybe I felt the need to belong. I think part of it is me wanting to find everything I can to keep my mind off the bigger picture. I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it, but I know there were TONS of applicants and every single one was excited about trying out (GOOD LUCK TO YOU GIRLS!!!). I am proud that I tried. I very seldom submit to anything. Usually it’s Rob giving me the “GO baby go, cheer”. But this time I tried without someone saying just do it. I tried because I wanted to.

Happy Anniversary – May 24th!

Today was our Anniversary… I’ve slept most of the day, I feel a bit guilty for sleeping it away. Rob was so sweet, he kept up with the boys while I got some rest. And when I woke up, he had a surprise for me. A scrapbook page! He did it all by himself! And he did a great job for his first page… Kinda makes my first page look lame!


Sniffle sniffle…ACHOOO…

What it is about summer colds that are so much more miserable than winter time ones? I’ve got a doozy of one right now…I spent 15 minutes in the Cold & Flu aisle last night trying to find the strongest, baddest, most kickin butt cold medicine I could find, in the hopes that I could find some that would make me feel at least a little functional each day!

I’ve got Rob free and clear for the next two weeks, and we are trying to get some things done that have somewhat fallen by the wayside over the past year. I’m hoping they get done before he leaves…Although right now I’m not much help, since I feel like YUCK!

I haven’t even gotten any scrapping done lately… Normally I wait and scrap after the little people are in bed, but by the time they are in bed, I want to go too! LOL…


Rob got his flight itenerary yesterday for Continental flight for Houston on Sunday at 5:05pm… When he printed it out, my heart sank… When i saw the flight plans in print, I thought..well it’s for real now.


Well….. Today his recruiter called him and said his flight was pushed two weeks!!! So he won’t fly out until June 3rd!!!!! I would be lying if I said I was sad they pushed his flight. I’m just NOT ready for him to go.

That at least gives me two more weeks to be prepared!


I’ve been on a search for good kit clubs at reasonable prices…I have had some of my croppers at Michael’s curious about kits. They want the lastest products without having to search all over for them. I came across OPAAT (One Page at a Time). After looking through their kits, I was impressed, every kit had products that I picked out for myself over the last several months.