Tues – June 19, 2007

I’ve gotten to talk to Rob briefly a couple times over the last few days. He’s settled in his permanent camp (Slayer). The weather in Baghdad has been around 120 during the day. Of course he says it still doesn’t feel as hot as the muggy Louisiana heat. I swore to myself that I would NOT cry on the phone anytime I talked to Rob, I figured he had enough on his plate. But yesterday, I bawled on the phone with him. I don’t think I truely realized how hard it would be to be away from him. So many little things he’s always done that I’ve just taken for granted. I don’t think we’ll ever take anything about each other for granted after this. It’s amazing how trivial something like picking up dirty clothes, or tripping over his big clunky work boots 15 times a week all of a sudden becomes. It’s other little things I am missing. Like the way he would walk up behind me and wrap his arms around me when I made dinner.

I think it’s starting to affect the boys too. Last night Kota woke up around 3 am screaming “Daddy Daddy”.  Both of them have always been pretty much Momma’s boys. I sat on the floor beside his bed, and rubbed his head until he started dozing back off. It’s hard not being able to really explain to him where Daddy is. It saddens me to think by the time he gets back, his toddlers are going to be Big Boys. He will miss Bryant’s 2nd birthday, Morgan’s 7th birthday, Kota’s 4th Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

I have been praying each day, praying for strength, praying for Rob’s safety. There’s alot of times where I think there’s so many women that handle this situation like champs. I guess I’m not one, cause I just really miss him.


Fri -06/15/07 : FIRE!

Ok, so yesterday afternoon, I go to get in my truck, and it wouldn’t unlock with the remote or the keypad entry, so finally DUH, I remember, that’s why you got a key, goofy! I get in and it wouldn’t start..Accck, I’d left the boys TV plugged in and it drained the battery. So I go back in the house, thinking OH GREAT.

I decided to do some laundry, a little while later I smelled smoke . I open the door, the garage and now the kitchen are BOTH FULL OF SMOKE!! I run out, the washing machine is smoking like crazy, so I jerked the plug outta the wall, and called the fire dept.  The washing machine had caught on fire!  I’m so glad it t was just a washing machine and not my whole house.

I mentioned to the firemen that it just wasn’t my day, cause my truck wouldn’t start either, they jumped it off for me.

On a positive note… Rob was able to call me last night around 10pm. After all that, I really just needed to hear his voice! It just made everything better!

So cool

A while back, Moments to remember started a call for people to help come up with a new design for their site. New logos, banners, etc. So I submitted a few ideas. And mine got picked!  Way cool right? Well, now they are actually changing the site, and I’m in total WOW!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Wow…This has been such a long week. Sleep has been almost non existant. I’ve gotten about 3 hours a night. Plus I’ve dropped 7lbs.  I guess it’s just going to take me a few weeks to get in the swing of things, and to get used to all the creaks and cracks that a house makes during the night!

Rob’s doing well. Of coure he misses us all. We’ve tried to talk when we can. His schedule has been pretty tight so far. I sure miss him, and I know the boys do too. Getting them to bed has been a bit of a trick, since they are so used to Daddy putting them to bed. I’m sure they’ll probably adjust faster than mommy!

Scrapbook Dreamer is on a DT Search

ScrapbookDreamer.com is sending out the Call for Paper Design Team Members. We are looking for talented people who love to scrap and share with others. Being an active member of the forum and the gallery is a must! We have lots of friendly people who would love to get to know you and learn from you.

To be considered for this position, you will need to submit your favorite layouts (as many as you wish). There are two ways to do this:

1. Submit them to the online gallery at ScrapbookDreamer.com. Submissions need to submitted to the DT Call category of the Gallery. (this is the preferred way)
2. The second option is to email them to laura@scrapbookdreamer.com

All submissions need to be in by no later than midnight June 30th to be considered. Winners will be chosen by the current DT and myself. You will be notified by email on or before July 15th. Runners up will be candidates for future Guest Designer spots. We are looking to fill 2-3 spots.

Please answer and email the following questions to Laura@ScrapbookDreamer.com so we may get to know you better:

1. Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail address:
2. ScrapbookDreamer.com Gallery Username:
3. Please provide a current list of any Design Teams you are on:
4. What online communities are you currently participating in and what is your username?
5. Have you been published? How many times? Where?
6. How long have you been scrapbooking?
7. Have you written any articles? Tell me about them.
8. Tell me a little bit about your style and the subjects of your layouts.
9. Do you do any altered work?
10. Do you do any digital scrapbooking?
11. Tell me why you’d like to be on the team and what you would bring to it:

Guidelines for Design Team Members:

1. At least two layouts prepared with product sent monthly. These layouts are to be posted in the ScrapbookDreamer.com gallery along with details about each project, products used and any special techniques such as paper tearing, painting, stamping, inking, distressing, ect. in your description. We’d love to see everything you do but this is the minimum.

2. One scrapbook related article per month with clear pictures. The article can be a how-to or an article about the latest trends in scrapbooking. You will reserve the right to said articles and how-to’s with the express permission that they are to be used by ScrapbookDreamer.com for at least 6 months and cannot be posted by you to any other site during that period of time. ScrapbookDreamer.com further reserves the right to include those articles and how-too’s on the main site.

3. Review one product carried at SBD a month. This review is to be posted to the forum along with a link back to the product on the site. We may have assigned product reviews or you may be on your own.

4. Participation in our online events such as crops, DT chats or classes is expected. While I can’t expect you to be at everything we have, I do expect participation in a majority of events and to just be active overall.

5. Positive and encouraging participation in our Gallery & Forum. Our goal is to be an active (there’s that word again), friendly site.

6. Get the word out to others in other scrapbook related forums, Yahoo or MSN Group. This can be a simple, “Have you seen what’s new at ScrapbookDreamer.com?”, “Come to my chat!”, “Did you see my layout….?”. Be sure to include a full link back to the site so people can find what you are talking about easily. Be sure to add Design Team Member for ScrapbookDreamer.com in your signature line when possible.

7. We encourage our DT to tell us about any problems they see with the site. This helps us to track down broken links or mislabeled items in the store.

8. Finally, a six-month commitment to give ScrapbookDreamer.com your best and to help make it a wonderful friendly site.

Here is what you will get in return:

1. A 25% off retail discount on MOST purchases from ScrapbookDreamer.com. Exceptions include the Wishblade and other select purchases. Be sure to ask about the special DT pricing on those items!

2. $15 store credit to go towards products you purchase for items to create your layouts. The selection of products to be featured in our monthly kits will be determined by you after getting suggestions from me. You will also get a $4.05 shipping allowance.

3. International recognition as a Design Team member for a growing online scrapbook store.

Laura Samford

It’s official…

I was happily psyched to be accepted back on the Moments-2-Remember Design Team for the summer term. How cool is that?

I have to say my two design teams have been super supportive of me the past few weeks, with everything that has been going on. What great online families they are!

Tag, I’m it!

I’ve been tagged by Dee ( http://deesbibbmusings.blogspot.com/ ) to tell 7 random facts about myself. Hmmm..Harder than it looks, Thanks Dee for making my rack my brain..LOL

Here’s my 7 Random Sarah-isms:

  1. My tongue has been pierced for about 8 years now. I did it on a dare, ah..youth… I don’t wear the tongue ring anymore, although I still have one, and it will still go in, I just feel it’s not the image I want to portray to people. Rob asks me every so often to put it in, I guess he still likes seeing glimpses of my younger wild side.
  2. I’ve been pregnant 5 times in the past 5 years, and it took me 8 years of fertility treatments/surgeries to finally get my first live birth.
  3. I was published in a couple of literary magazines and a book as a teenager for poetry.
  4. I love the smell of gardenias, and the scent reminds me of a few good childhood memories, growing up in an old house with gardenia bushes surrounding it, and the summery breeze blowing their fragrance throughout the house.
  5. Driving scares me, vehicles scare me and in high traffic times/areas I will literally break into a cold sweat, and my heart rate accelerates.
  6. I believe in the idea of each person having one true love somewhere, and I was lucky enough to find mine.
  7. I didn’t meet my sister until I was 22, but when we did meet, it has always been as if we’d been together all our life.

Ok…there’s 7 random facts, however; I don’t have anyone else to tag right now, since everyone else I know that blogs has pretty much been tagged on this one.