Wed – 07/11/2007

Well bugger!

 I ordered a new camera FINALLY…A Rebel (WOOHOO). The DHL delivery person called me today on the way to my house, and I was in town! She said it HAD to be signed for, so she said she’d make her other deliveries and drop it off after 5pm. So I hurried home by 4:20, so that I could be waiting for it, and it’s 6:40 now and no DHL!

Patience is obviously not one of my virtues…LOL

One of the reasons I began scrapping to begin with is because I took terrible photos, (I always used cheap disposable 35mm’s). I upgraded to an Olympus D-435. But I still can’t get the type of photos I want. You cant really change many setting manually on it, and the delay is terrible when you are trying to snap photos of fast moving toddlers! So I’m hoping wit alot of practice and reading tips, I’ll be able to learn some great things about photography and get some really great photos!


Sat – 07/07/2007

I’ve been whining about rain for weeks now.. Well yesterday had a 60% chance of scattered rain, when I got up it was looking pretty grim, and I started praying for some sun! Well, I must not have been the only one, because it cleared up enough, that I called that couple (Linda & Day)  that had offered to be “proxy grandparents” to the boys and they let us go swimming.

They met me at Wal-Mart so i could get suits/floaties for the kids, and one for me (nope I haven’t had a bathing suit in years).

They have a beautiful in ground pool, and a big golden retreiver. The boys were in HEAVEN!!!! When we got there Bryant was sooooooooooo tickled with their dog, that he was chasing her around giggling like crazy. Linda was giggling like crazy too laughing at Bryant.

We went to get in the pool, and I was pretty sure Bryant was going to freak. Kota loves ALL water. Bryant loves bath water, and will get in the tub, lay down, dunk his head etc, BUT…when we go outside near the kiddie pool he refuses to go near it, so Kota is normally the only one that plays in it.

I got Bryant set him on my hip, and walked down the steps into the water. He latched on at first and I thought he was going to scream, and for a few moments he had that panicked look and was really stiff. But OMG once he got used to the water he was LOVING it. I put him in one of those floaties with the seat in it, and once he realized he wasn’t going to sink, he started kicking his legs like a frog, all over the pool.

I’d gotten Kota one of those bathing suits with the floats built into it, but since he’s so heavy, the first time he got in, he sank! lol  So we took turns floating him around. They both totally enjoyed themselves and to be honest..I did toooooo. It’s been so long since I’ve been swimming I was afraid I had forgot how. It was so relaxing and refreshing.

I haven’t seen the boys play so happily since Rob left for Iraq.  I cant believe I was a big dummy and forgot my camera. Fortunately they took pics and said they’ll email them to me.

They also offered to keep the boys one Saturday evening a month, if I wanted to go back to teaching my classes at Michael’s.

It was pretty cute too, they have a huge ‘doggie’ bed for their dog and the boys came in from swimming, climbed in it and Bryant took a nap in the doggie bed. I think I’m going to have to break down and get one like that, for them to nap in the living room with cause they really enjoyed laying in

 Sometimes, God steps in and gives us His help in ways that we don’t even expect. I am sure that he stepped in and sent Linda and Day our way. The boys have taken to them completely naturally, as if they were just supposed to.  I want to teach the boys that the world can be a wonderful place, and if the are surrounded by good people, they will learn how to grow to be good men. I think Linda and Day are a great example of good people.

Fri – 06/07/2007

I guess I’m running a little behind on posting. The kids have kept me so busy. I have to pretty much stay on top of them all day long, they are into EVERYTHING. It’s amazing how much trouble two little people can get into!

Next week, I’m going to start taking them to Daycare a few times a week, they need others to play with, and mommy needs a break to catch up on chores! They’ve only been about 3 times before, but they loved it, and we had to fight them to get them to leave. So I’m hoping they’ll enjoy the play time. I know they get bored with me, and they are still somewhat on different play levels than each other, so they’ll get to interact more with others their own age groups.

Rob has been able to call or message me pretty often since he’s been over there, which is wonderful, but I sure miss him dearly! He misses us too. The other day, we talked briefly and I was telling him how much I missed him, and he just started to cry and got off the phone. I felt terrible…I forget that while I’m sitting here missing him like crazy, he’s going through the same thing, it’s no vacation for him! All I can hope is that the next 11 months FLY BY!