For Laura and Robin

Laura is the owner of Scrapbook Dreamer, and Robin is the owner of M2R. I wanted to take the time to thank both of them for being so understanding about me taking a slower pace right now.

If you don’t know them, take the time to go to their forums and see what kind of fabulous ladies they really are!

They’ve both been so understanding and compassionate about me taking time to spend with Rob while he’s stateside!



M2R Updates!

Moments-2-Remember has been having ‘technical difficulties’. The server that hosts it crashed, and we’ve tried several other forums trying to find the perfect place to fit M2R! We now have a new permanent home! YAY!

Now we’re back in the swing of things, and a new series of Fall Terrific Tuesdays have just started! ROCK ON!

Check out the new M2R forums:


Right now there’s lots of challenges going, but there’s also a monthly contest worth a $20 Gift Certificate!

Here’s the details:

That’s right!! We will display a sample of the winners work on the store’s home page along with links to their work in our gallery and a scrap bio if they have one!

September Contest is Back to School!!


This month show off some of your favorite Back To School photos!

Digital is also acceptable. Layouts and other projects are welcome this month.

All items need to have been made between September 1, 2007 and September 30, 2007 to be eligible.


This contest is worth a shopping spree to our store worth $20 plus a shipping credit of 4.05.


Enter as many times as you’d like.

The contest will end September 30th, 2007 at midnight (CST). The winner will be notified shortly after.

Please post your creations to the correct area in the gallery under Contests!

September 2007 Contest

If you’ve won a contest in the last 3 months or are a member of the DT, you are not eligible for this contest. If you live outside the US you will receive the shipping credit of 4.05 but will be responsible for any charges above that. If you aren’t eligible to win, we would still love to see what you’re up to so share your layouts with us!

Thanks & Happy Scrappin’!,

Laura Samford

09/25/2007 – Tuesday

Ok, so it’s been two weeks since I posted. Shame on me. Rob made it home safe and sound! Wow, have we missed each other. We’ve been busy playing catch up on family time! The boys literally ATTACKED him and have been all over him!

We’ve also been fighting germs. I had a cold as it is, but he brought us a lovely gift too! A stomach virus! He had it first, then me, then the kids, we thought it was done, and now we have it again. From what I can tell, I think it’s something liken the Rotavirus, since it’s been almost a week now. Hopefully it’s running it last course!

Awesome stuff:

Bryant’s 2nd Birthday was Friday!!! I can’t believe my little man is 2! We had a small party for him Saturday. Of course you know how it works, he got fun new toys, but the best one was the big box one of them came in! As I’m sitting here now, that’s what he’s playing with! I think we should stop buying the expensive toys and just go to a moving store and get boxes!

Other news: 

Rob leaves back out on October 20th. He goes in for more training in West Point, MS. Then from there he’ll go to Ft. Benning for more training. Then back to Iraq. He will be working on MRAP’s -Mind Resistant Artillery Personal carriers. (Ok, so don’t hold me to that, I’m terrible at remember those!)

09/11/2007 – Tuesday

I was going into to work (Running late). I was pulling in the parking lot. And at first I thoguht it was a joke… Let me explain why?

The day before the DJ on the radio had told a joke that a plane crashed in a Polland cemetary and that officials were still ‘diggin up bodies’.

So i was waiting for the punchline on the WTC crash, and when his voice changed I realized it wasn’t a joke. Now I worked at a news paper. I went inside went straight to the editor and was like OK, what’s going on? Told them what I’d heard on the news. Well it had happened so fast, it hadn’t even come through the wire yet. She thought I was nutty. So we went to the conference room, I turned on the tv and there it was! She and I and another editor just stood there floored! She jumped up, and ran to stop the presses to get a mid day edition paper out. In all the years and years our paper had been out, the only other time they’d stopped the presses and done a mid day edition was when JFK was killed.

I don’t think anyone worked that day, we pulled a TV in to the accounting Dept where I was, and was watching it, when the other planes went down. It was so shocking and surreal.

At my age, there’s been very few big historical moments I’ve seen happen live. (I saw the space shuttle explode, i saw the berlin wall come down) I would have rather never seen this kind of history.

I hope I never see this kind of event happen again in my lifetime.


I got a text message from Rob at 5:10pm. He was in Dubai, and about to board his flight to London. They bumped on of this flights, and will not be making it home until 6:30 or later tomorrow night! I cant wait

09/08/2007 – Saturday

Yep, it’s been a while in between postings! Why?

My children have turned into lil terrors! I know alot of it is dealing with Daddy gone. I know they miss him, and cannot express themself about it. So they act out! Unfortunately the downside to that, is I have had to be on top of them all day long.

Rob and I have decided Dakota is a WMP (weapon of mass destruction). The child is into everything. WOW! If only I could bottle that energy! I’d be rich rich rich. In the mean time, it’s put my scrappy fun on hold. By the time they are in bed, honestly, I feel too old and exausted to scrap! How sad is that!

We (meaning Rob and I) talked about it, and there’s a 2 yr old Pre-K and 3 year old Pre-K position available for both boys. It’s a private program, a state certified¬†A-Becka Program. A bit pricey. The books alone are $60 for one, $75 for the other, PLUS school supplies and boy, you should see the supply lists! It’s $412 a month for the both of them to be enrolled. We are hoping it will help with Dakota’s behavior umm…”issues”, and deter Bryant from having any!

We think that part of Kota’s problem is he’s too darn smart for his own britches. He’s already started reading, he’s grasped the concept of math…Not just counting, but he understands simple math problems, like 5 ‘take away 2’ is 3. That’s how I word it to him. So I think he may need that added school stimulation. In a group environment, hopefully he will calm down. Bryant isn’t quite two yet, but they feel like he can keep up with what they are doing, so he’s going mainly so he doesn’t feel left out.

The classes just started and they both were allowed to sit in on a class Friday, and wow, they were honestly almost different kids when we got home. They seemed to enjoy the day. I got their first “school papers.” (I’m sure these will be showing up in a layout before long! lol) They will start next week, I will get the enrollment done Monday, I can’t wait to see how much fun they have! Hopefully I’ll get some great photos too!