Yay, yay Super YAY!

I’ve been holding back on blabbing this, since my term doesn’t start until December, but……. On a whim, I submitted for the Treasured Scrapbooking Design Team. ( http://www.treasuredscrapbooking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9596  )     Blame it on Rob, it’s all his fault, he told me to do it! Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I had a shot, the previous team left some awful big ole shoes to be filled. I’m so thrilled! I got my December Kit already, and let me say, I got it at 2:30 in the afternoon, and by 4pm, I’d already whipped out a layout! There was some good schtuff in there! 


It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas

Call me wierd, but sometimes I can spend more time wrapping a present than it took me  finding it and standing in the endless lines buying it. I love making the outside of the package special. Is it that I think so much of the person I’m giving the gift to that it package has to be perfect? Nahhhhh, it just looks pretty under my Christmas tree! This year I’ve totally slacked on gift buying, by now I’ve finished up, instead I haven’t even started, but I have the packaging all figured out…lol With all the recalls, I’m afraid to buy any of the kids any toys, I’m thinking perhaps I’ll just buy a bunch of huge empty boxes and wrap them, becase as we all know, come Christmas day, they spend more time playing in the boxes and torn wrapping paper than they do with the presents! U-haul packing store, HERE I come!

For you

Honey, I know you read my blog while you are in Iraq, so this one is for you, just to let you know I’m missin ya! I mean really missing you, (mainly I’m getting tired of taking out the garbage, and there’s two light bulbs that need to be changed upstairs that I can’t reach…)

Inspiration from unusual Places

I’ve been doing a series of challenges on Moments 2 Remember based on album covers! What a great place to get inspiration. They are created in a square format similar to our 12 x 12 layouts, some of the old school vinyl albums really are 12 x12. You have to think most cover art is created by professionally trained artist, what better place to be inspired! I did this one based on an unusual source… A Blinke 182 album. I actually loved the album cover and the colors, it really caught my eye!  

Oh the joy of penises (or would that be Peni?)

Okay, I know… strange topic. But let me explain.  Kota was born with a communicating groin hernia, which even after surgery, has always made his look like an innie, which is what has led to some of our potty training issues, there’s just not enough that pokes out for him to hold and aim.   Now that you know way more that you wanted, here’s where this leads.

Monday morning, I was giving them baths and blabbering on the phone like most mornings with my friend Holly.  By the time I got Kota out of the tub, I hadn’t realized he had an erection. Yep, frightening as it sounds, they get them at that age too. I left him standing there long enough for me to grab a towel and start to dry Bryant, and remember now, I’m blabbering on the phone with Holly, only slightly paying attention to the wet dog looking child behind me. All of a sudden I hear, Momma Momma, momma momma… Ya’ll know this call, the one that doesn’t stop until you say “WHAT DEAR?!!” I turned around to answer him, and he flings his towel open, and says “LOOOOOK Momma, BIGGGGGGGGG Goober!” And there he was in all his glory, proud if his big goober, while I try to pick myself up off the floor from laughing, long to enough to explain to Holly, that my proud son has a BIG GOOBER! This whole potty training thing has made him totally fascinated by his own appendage! So the last thing I see as I’m trying to pick up towels and tidy up the bathroom on my Monday morning, was my son running down the stairs, almost singing that he had a big goober, mom,  a very big goober.  (Yep, my boy has issues).

It sometimes makes me think…Yes, they make both look just like me, but boy oh boy they sure act like their daddy cause sadly, I could almost picture my sweet, dear darling hubby, doing the same thing on some random morning!

*Layout created April 2007

Child’s Play

Ok, this day and age, with the million billion toys on the market, most kids have more toys that the average toy store. Yet apparently they are STILL BORED. Last night,  I was running like a mad woman trying to fix dinner for everyone before they all started a riot. I was working hard to prepare the culinary masterpiece that Morgan had requested for her special Straight A report card dinner. Of all the things she could have had…she wanted Hamburger Helper! Yep, she’s got very sophisticated taste! But anyway, I was cooking because that’s my job,and I hear Rob start laughing. I round the corner to find my children playing so joyfully. Bryant was playing in the empty cardboard box I had just taken his diapers from, Kota was building things with the mass supply of water bottle lids he’s been collecting as of late, and Morgan… well, she was playing golf. Golf in the living room you ask? Why, yes…. She had the perfect little putting tee set up. She had Bryant’s oversized plastic golf club, a wiffle ball and for the cup? MY BRA! It seems my bra is the best toy EVER because this isn’t the first time one of them has used it for entertainment purposes. My husband and every one of my children have all at some point or another used it as a hat…put it on their knees or put it across their butts. Which leads me to the question…umm, WHY??!?

I’m already thinking in a few years my bras will come up missing, and when I ask those boys what happened to them I’ll get some response like “But MOM…do you realize how many water balloons we can fling from one?”

Feeling pretty?

Well, “Eww Gurl” mom decided today was designated “Girlie” day.  I feel so much better, my hair hasn’t been cut since like May or June. So honestly… It was looking as frazzled as I normally feel. While I was there, what the heck, I got my nails and pedicure done too! Apparently this nice little Vietnamese fellow doesn’t have children, because he saw the second toe on my left foot (the one missing half the nail) and looked back me questioningly. I just shrugged my shoulders and told him… “Eh, Kids.” Then he asked.. What happened… So I explained my children apparently have a huge life insurance policy on me and are OUT TO GET ME. I had a run in with what felt like being smacked by a Mack Truck, but really it was just a Tonka Truck. Now when I say “Just a Tonka Truck” really that is an understatement, because if you have ever seen a Tonka Truck toy, you know that they are almost as large as their full size counterparts. We have two of them! Even better! These things are 50 pounds of METAL toy in the hands of little boys, who I KNOW for sure do not have their driver’s license yet. 

My boys like to sit in the ‘dump’ part and watch television, however; if one is sitting that way the other will randomly come up and try to “dump” it, and this is where the fun starts. When they dump one another, the truck then goes flying across the floor at what has to be 70 mph, which in this state even most highways only allow 65mph! So there I was a victim of circumstance, in the way of this run away YELLOW toe crushing toy. One of them decided to DUMP the other, and VOILA the 50lb truck goes flying across my living room at the speed of sound, and SMACK!  I was able to limp away from the scene of the accident, but I’m thinking a carjacker is going to feel the need to jack those trucks very soon!