April Guest Designer Call for Scrapbook Heaven

We are looking for a Guest Designer for April!


Here is what a Guest Designer will receive from SH during the month of April:
~ product from the monthly kit
~ name, photo and bio featured on our newsletter
~ A SH guest Designer blinkie to use in your siggie!!

Here’s what we expect from our Guest Designer:
~ someone enthusiastic and friendly on the forum.
~ an active member of the forum (posting a minimum of every second day, with approximately an average of 10-15 posts per week)
~ someone who has an active gallery at SH(uploading LOs on a regular basis)
~ someone who can promote SH and it’s products and monthly kits
~ someone who can create a minimum of 4 products with the material sent (a mix of cards, altered items, and LOs)

If this is something that you feel you can do, then here’s the challenge we would love for you to complete to try out for our April GD!!

Since spring is just around the corner, and we should start seeing flowers any day now….hopefully! So, we would love to see your LOs with flowers!

Here are the details of the challenge:

~~ please create a LO using at least 2 different pp with flowers!
~~ Please tell us in the supplies list, what pp you used!
~~ Upload your LO in the “April GD Call” folder of the gallery
~~ Deadline is Friday, March 28/08 at 11:59pmEST
~~ The GDT will be announced on March 30th

**Also, we would love to get to know you, so posting in the forum during this call would help us with this!**

(Open to residents of Canada and the US at this time)

We can’t wait to see your entries!!


Away for a while

I’m going to be MIA over the next few weeks.  I’ve notified all the forums I’m active on that I won’t be available.  Some of you that know me well enough, know that Kota has been somewhat of a pill to handle, along with his other delays it’s become almost overwhelming doing it by myself. I am taking him to the Special education center to have him tested for his developmental delays, and will be consulting with his pediatrician to find out the overall problem.

I’m totally burnt out with him. My fuse has gotten so short lately that it’s almost frightening me. The more I get upset, the funnier he thinks it is.

This morning I went to get him out of his bedroom. He was standing on his window ledge, stark naked, covered in poop and so was everything else in his room. I gave him a bath, put a pull up on, and was working on trying to clean the poop in his room, only to find that he’d climbed on the fridge, gotten my brand new camera down and messed it up. 

I went to the laundry room, put his nasty linens in came back in the living room to find that he’d pooped again and gotten it all over the living room. So back to the bath. I get them cleaned up and dressed to take them outside to play and burn off some energy.  He played in the Sandbox for a few minutes while I was raking leaves, I turned to find him trying to stuff sand in the engine of the riding mower. So I get onto him, pull him away and tell him NO.. I went to help bryant on the slide, and Kota is trying to stuff rocks in the tailpipe of my truck. So once again I’m telling him to stop, he looks at me, grins and goes back to doing it.  I made him take a time out, I let him up to play while I start picking toys up in the yard and putting them back where they belong, and once again, he’s shoveling sand into the lawnmower engine.  So back inside we go..

I sit them down with new toys, in the living room watch them for a few to make sure they are behaving.. I go get the sheets for his bed out of the dryer, and take them upstairs to put back on the bed.  Knowing I can’t leave him for too long, I go back downstairs and he’s vanished.. I search all around the house and he’s in my bathroom on the counter in the cabinet destroying my makeup.

 Now mind you.. we have locks on everything we can feasibly put locks on. The stairs not ONLY have a gate, but we had to resort to attaching lattice in between each of the banister rails to keep him from climbing up and slipping through them to go up the stairs alone. Now he just goes up the side of the stairs and over the railing.

There’s locks on the fridge, every door in the house locks. His furniture is bolted to the walls. His closets are all locked AND have door knob guards.  My scraproom has dual locks that he’s learned how to undo.

The DVD media cabinet has locks. The kitchen cabinets have locks. Pantry has a lock on the door.  We’ve taken handles off of drawers so he cannot open them. We no longer eat in the dining room because we had to put all the dining chairs in storage. 

I cannot cook, clean, do laundry, shower, potty or anything without fear that he’s into something, tearing something up, destroying something, or hurting his brother.  I’ve said for the past two years he’s going to outgrow it, and he hasn’t.  It’s just worse now because he’s so huge for his age, he can get to about anything in the house. But he’s so dangerous to himself and Bryant. 

I try to explain the dangers to him, but because of the language issues, he just stares at me blankly or laughs.

This is only a small portion of what things are like on a daily basis.  He’s just as bad at school. He climbs into things that most kids cant reach before they even realize he can. A few days ago he climbed up on a shelf and got hand sanitizer and squirted all of the bottle into his hair.  He should be past most of that type of thing by his age.