2 weeks!

It’s now two weeks til Rob is home from Iraq on R&R!!!!!!!! Woooo baby!

Our anniversary is May 24th, he gets in May 21st. We are running away for the weekend to a penthouse suite in Jackson! All alone, all romantical and stuff! Hubba Hubba!


Ahh, the joys of nudity

My boys are rednecks, which means they value their naked time. (Mostly just diaper time). They strip at any opportunity. Lately the trend is to strip their diapers off during the night and by the time I wake them in the mornings, they are stark naked.  I generally start my morning out, watching two little naked baby butts going down the stairs. Normally I walk in the room and go “Ummm, why are ya’ll naked?” To which i get giggles and little (naked of course) people running past me, pushing me outta the way, and flying down the hall.

Now my dear little two year old country boy understands what naked means.  So now, anytime I go to change his clothes, bathe him, etc I get  to hear  “I nekkkkkid” as he runs through the house, announcing it to all of the furniture, the walls, whatever object will listen to the fact that he’s ”nekkkkid”.  Although I have no permanent plans to start a redneck toddler nudist colony. I have to say, I am almost tempted to video tape it. His speaking voice is about the most precious thing to hear, and there’s something down right sweet about the country charm of his tiny voice hollering that he’s nekkkid.

Monday’s Drive to School

Ok, so Monday morning we are heading to school, and Kota starts coughing terribly in the back seat (we’re all congested and sinus-y right now.



Me: You okay lil man?

Kota: Mom, I got bones in my froat.

Me: You got bones huh?

Kota: :::Fakey cough cough:::: Yes Mommy, three bones in my throat.

Kota: :::Fakey cough cough:::: Two bones….

Kota: :::Fakey cough cough::::ONE bone…

Kota: :::Fakey cough cough::::No bones, all bevver.


Yes I’m behind

I’m so severely behind on blogging! Life sometimes gets in the way of fun! So here’s the scoop!



He’s gone through tons of testing as of late. He’s been diagnosed with Autisim. Which explains alot, but creates more questions. Last month, he caused such a stir at daycare that he caused his teacher to cry and she was ready to quit. (Bless her heart, I have those same days with him.) Apparently she said something he didn’t like, and he threw poop at her and the rest of the class. That was the last straw though. I had to take him back to his doctor, and after much discussion he told me of a new ADHD medication that he’s used on 3 of his autistic patients with very positive results. I honestly didn’t want to go the medication route, but after long talks with Rob about it, we agreed to give it a try.  He’s not been on the meds for a month. Half a dose (15 mg of Vyvanse). The first few weeks were very effective, now I think he’s ready for the full dosage.  His vocabulary JUMPED tremendously now that he can slow down and focus. He’s still a hyper 4 yr old, but not as bad. His next appointment is next week, I imagine his pedi will up the dosage. 

He’s been tested for school, he will get placement in a Pre-K class in August. Big boy school! Yay! He needs it! He’s reading better than some 6 year olds! I’m amazed with his reading abilities, if I could get the rest of him to function on that level it would be fab! He’s just so darn destructive…. I’m debating on redecorating his room in padding..lol


The countdown has begun! Rob leaves from Iraq to Kuwait on May 12th. He will stay there, and then ship home a little over a week later. He’ll be getting off the plane at home on May 21st! I’m so excited.. It’s only for leave, he still has 6 months back over there, but I’m just looking forward to the time he’s home!


He has his moments of orneriness.. I’m sure he gets it honestly.. He is two after all. But when he’s not in a bad mood, his personality is really starting to become adorable.  He tickles me lately with things he says. His favorite phrase is “Aww Man!” It just cracks me up to hear this sweet little voice saying it. This morning I had to hang their curtains back up in their room.. Apparently there was some sort of battle between the boys and “not me”, and “Not me” got so mad he ripped the curtains off the wall. I guess I wasn’t getting the curtains back up fast enough for Bryant because he started telling me “Com’on Mommy, hurry up!”  It makes for an interesting start to your morning when you have a toddler telling you to basically get your butt in gear!


My two Design team terms are almost up. It makes me scrappy sniffly. Having a DT spot is like a little scrappy cyber oasis online.  If you haven’t been to either site, go check them out, they both are running DT calls, and both are awesome to work for! I couldn’t have picked better places to apply!

She’s doing awesome this year, school is almost over and she’s been such a scholastic super star! Lil Miss Honor Roll! YAY!