Kota’s results

As you guys know, Kota has been through alot of testing over the last several months, I finally received his formal written evaluation today. We’ve gone through his doctor and another testing facility. I am a bit shocked at his results considering he was already on his meds for the last testing and showed improvements. I have not been allowed in for his testing, but I was able to listen in to some of it, and for him I thought he did really great. But here are his results…

CARS (The Childhood Austism Rating Scale) -rating scale developed to identify children with Autism, and to distinguish them from developmentally handicapped children without autism syndrome. The CARS discriminates between Autistic Children and children with trainable metal retardation. It further distinguishes children with autism in the mild to moderate range from children in the moderate to severe range. There are 60 possible points on the total scale. Scores below 30 indicate that a child is NOT autistic. Scores of 30 to 36 are indicative of a child in the Mild-Moderate Autistic Range. Scores of 37-60 are indicative of a child in the Severely Autistic Range. Ratings of Dakota by observation, testing, free play and medical examinations, place him in the Severely Autistic Range, with a total score of 44.

Other testing:

Cognitive skills (Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development)
are delayed at 33 months development as compared to his chronological age of 49 months (4 yr 1m).

The Preschool Language Scale- (Average 89-110)
Auditory Comprehension Subtest – 92
Expressive Communication Subtest – 84

The Learning Accomplishment Profile Diagnostic-
Gross Motor Body Movement – 42 months of age
Gross Motor Object movement – 30 months of age

Battelle Developmental Inventory
Adaptive Assessment (socialization, self care skills, general development) – 14 months of age


I love this photo

I’ve been playing with the manual settings on my camera lately and I got this photo today of Bryant in the front yard. It just was awesome to me. I seldom get a pic of him smiling and not squinting! I love it!