Trying to keep myself occupied.

The last two weeks has been a whirlwind of emotion and stressful news. My mother-in-law has battled lung cancer for the past few years, winning out for quite a while. We recently learned the cancer was back and had spread to her bones, while we were waiting for the news from her doctors on what the next steps might be, my own father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Two days after I learned that, my mother in law got the news that hers is basically no longer treatable. She has started chemo but the doctors have explained that at this point, they don’t know how long her body will handle it, and she’s only buying herself time. How do we explain to the kids they will lose two grandparents back-to-back? 

It’s only been a year since we lost MonaMomma to liver cancer, only 5 wks after her diagnosis. 

At this point, i can’t stand being alone with the emotions reeling through my head. I’ve been trying to keep from being idle too long. I’ve kept myself busy with chores and crafts, and refereeing the kids from summer break mayhem. I am looking forward to some roadtrips ahead to go see my Daddy.  He’s already asked for the cooking menu (his stress reliever). I cant wait to see Bryant keeping him on his toes.. Bry is the one person, who I’m pretty sure can go toe-to-toe with Daddy on the quick wit and smart a$$ department. 

It’s almost Father’s Day, for those that still have yours.. remember some day they will be gone, you can never get them back. Enjoy every moment that you can.


Timey Wimey

DrWhovians will understand why i love this page… probably not the most fabulous work in the world; however, we are huge DrWho fans in this household, to the point even my youngest has his own sonic screwdriver and builds Tardis-es with his Legos!


Just for Silliness




This one reminding me why I like to create. I handmade all the “Minion” letters and the little Minion guy. Cause my eyes to cross a little bit working on the letters, but I had fun with it.




A little silliness from my country boy.. if it had been Dakota, I wouldn’t have been shocked, but Bry turned to me and asked if these red heels clashed with his camo!?



At 170+lbs, Jax definitely thinks he’s a lap baby!